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Roll Your Own Reservations

Written by  Michael Leighton
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May 2005- 

Philadelphia Eagles in Superbowl XXXVIX, which was played for the first time in Jacksonville, Fla. I was there. Not at the game, at Jacksonville. This is what charter pilots do. We take people to and from special events all the time.

Since 9/11, the airspace around these large gatherings has become targets of complex and often totally non-understandable TFRs that would require a Philadelphia lawyer to interpret.

So it was that weekend. In the 16 pages of instructions that constituted the TFR for the Superbowl there were some ominous warnings. I suspect that the average airman would take one look at that and think “I don’t need to fly that badly” and just avoid the entire mess.

But the truth is, getting into and out of the TFR-affected airports can be accomplished by the average airman, even if you don’t have a law degree. The hardest part of the deal is getting an arrival or departure reservation for the airport that you want to go to or leave from.

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