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The Eklund Hotel

Written by  Charles Lloyd
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June 2005- 

Longtime friends Kendyl and Barbara Monroe finally decided to retire, leave New York City and move back home to the family ranch near Clayton, N.M. 10 years ago.

All this time the invitation to visit them in their new home on the New Mexico plains was there for the Lloyds to accept, and we missed a lot by not accepting sooner. In addition to managing the ranch, Kendyl joined a local group restoring the 100-year-old local hotel.

On one of Kendyl’s recent trips to Wichita, he described his new venture, The Eklund Hotel restoration, with all its trials and tribulations. Again, he invited Sara and me to hop in Bill, the friendly family Cessna 182, and fly out to the northeast corner of New Mexico for a visit. This is the story about our trip to Clayton.

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