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We'll Cross that Runway When We Get To It

Written by  Kevin Garrison
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November 2004 -

Seventy percent of runway incursions happen to General Aviation pilots. Getting lost at an airport when you are trying to taxi is not limited to GA aircraft, it is just that there are so many of us and we usually operate without the help of a copilot.

With over 650,000 pilots and 240,000 aircraft in this country it is amazing that we don't have more runway incursion accidents and incidents. In other words, most of us are doing a good job when it comes to having situational awareness and running a professional cockpit.

Unfortunately, the numbers of incursions, conflicts and outright accidents have risen and the FAA is concerned. They have recently sent a package to all CFIs including an instructional DVD, a pamphlet and the usual long-winded bureaucratic letter.

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