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Q&A: Damage to a Comanche airbox coupling, primer lines for a Lycoming engine, and a noisy gear extension

Written by  Steve Ells
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Q: Hi Steve,

One of the other Comanche owners stopped by as I was working on the engine of my 1960 Comanche 180 and asked if I knew where he could get one of the black accordion-style flexible ducts that goes between the carburetor airbox and the cowling.

He said that his had a hole in it and he was looking for a replacement; he also asked me about patching the hole with silicone bathtub caulk. I told him I thought he could probably get a new duct at Webco.

How do these ducts get damaged? Where can I get one? And should I get one now in case my Comanche needs one in the future?

—Comanche Man      

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