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The Mystery Oil debate, and the multiple ways to accomplish AD 68-05-01

Written by  Steve Ells
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July 2014-

Q: Hi Steve,
I'm the proud owner of a 1949 Piper PA-11. The engine is a Continental C-90-8.
I don't fly as often as I should. Due to some work obligations and some family stuff I had to deal with, last year I only flew 55 hours.
When I was talking to another local pilot he recommended I add some stuff he called Marvel Mystery Oil (MMO) to the oil and to the gas tanks. He said it would keep my engine healthy because it would help keep it clean inside.
I've seen cans of the stuff at the auto parts store; it doesn't cost much. What's the story? Should I add it to the oil and the gas? Just the oil? How much and how often?
—Cub Flyer

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