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I have a 1984 Dakota with a GEM 602. I would like to install a fuel flow sensor and am contemplating my options. I don't really have much space left in the panel to install a new gauge so I was thinking of either getting a flow meter that would plug directly into my GNS530, or upgrading the GEM 602 to a G2 (Don't think I have a need for the G3 at this point). Insight has a trade in policy that would allow me to send back the 602 and get a G2 for $1600. It is supposed to be a direct replacement for the 602, and I would just need to have the fuel flow installed.

I like the idea of having the fuel flow in a separate box so I don't have to keep switching pages on the Garmin. I'm hoping someone has experience with either of these methods or products that they would be willing to share.


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Very nice articles. When you talk about Carburetor temperature, do you dial in some carb heat to increase the temperature? I've never heard of that technique.
2 years ago

I installed a G3 last fall and finally entered the world of Engine Monitors. See my articles Parts 1 & 2 in the Piper Flyer in Dec 12 and Jan 13.

The fuel flow is a great feature and I am now running about 1 gph less than I did before installing the G3. Yes, Insight sells direct only and you can have a shop order it for you.

I recommend that you call Insight for advice on configuring your G2 unit and accessories. For example there are a number of different fuel flow sensor types. They will advise you on the appropriate one for your Dakota. You will have to order all the connecting hardware to place the flow meter in your fuel line. Spruce has everything you need to accomplish this. In my case it took a combination of reducers and angle fittings to get a combination that fit my situation.

On the G3 I added the interface to the Garmin. All I need to do is scroll through and Enter "Fill Up" on the Garmin boot page. However the display that I use is on the Insight. The fuel flow is within 0.5 gallons on a 3 hour fight.

Good Luck on your installation. The G2 will be light years ahead of you 602.
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