Cylinder Overheat Problems

Discussion started by CHARLES LLOYD 1 year ago

I wrote two articles on the Operation and Installation of a Insight G3 Engine Monitor. This monitor is a great diagnostic tool where I found that the two middle cylinders were running hot well into the caution zone. A minor mod to the inter-cylinder baffles was the answer, so I thought. Flying last month on a warm spring day showed the problem was still there - two hot middle cylinders.

Yeah, I know that I fly a Brand C, but I thought this information is universal to Lycoming as well as Continental.

Looking at the baffle seals showed a lot of space where air entering the cowl was going to all the wrong places and not through the cylinder fins. I am in the process of installing McFarland Aviation Teflon coated baffles seals. In addition I am zealously searching out and closing all the holes in the Cessna baffle enclosure sheet metal.

I will have an article for the Flyer soon describing the good and the bad and how to see if you have cooling problems you may not know that exist with your aircraft engine.


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