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Hog Log: Take the Day Off 06-05

Written by  Kevin Garrison
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June 2005- 

What a great day! It is warm without being hot. There is a slight breeze and even the mosquitoes are only buzzing and not biting. You are at the airport and have pushed back the T-hangar doors, letting in the fresh summer sunshine and warmth.

There she is—your airplane.

Ready to go, she is fully fueled with a bug-free clean windshield and just the right amount of air pressure in each and every tire.

I have some advice for you this fine day. Don’t go flying. This is counterintuitive to everything you have ever read in a magazine like this. Sometimes the most joyous and educational flight you can have is the one you didn’t take.

Today is not the day to aviate. You’ve got much more important things to do and I’m the guy that is going to help you do them.

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