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First Place Cherokee: Steve Flock’s Award-Winning Aircraft

Written by  Heather Skumatz
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April 2012

“I like the Cherokee a lot,” Steve Flock told me... but he wasn’t looking even looking for an airplane, let alone a Cherokee, when he bought his 1966 Piper Cherokee 140.

The story almost sounds like a tale told out of (flight) school, but it’s the truth. “In 1999, I took a friend for a flight—he’s not a pilot—and after we returned to Joshua Tree from Big Bear, we saw it for sale.”

“I said, ‘Hey, Ken, you want to buy an airplane?’”

We both looked at each other and thought, “Why not?”

The Cherokee—N6318R—needed some TLC, though. “The aircraft had a high-time engine, disappearing paint, and original upholstery. It wasn’t very attractive, but the price was right, so
we bought it,” Flock recalled.

They eventually had the engine overhauled, and Flock later became full owner of One-Eight Romeo. “My partner was too busy with other projects to remain involved in aircraft ownership, so I ended up buying him out.”

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