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    The Best Entry-Level Pipers

    Longtime Piper pilot and Piper twin owner Kristin Winter discusses the cream of the crop in entry-level Piper aircraft. (Photo: James Lawrence)

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    Short Wing Pipers

    Out of a poor economy came a series of aircraft that were better than expected. (Photo: Peter Lubig)

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    The Piper Navajo

    After initially feeling intimidated by the size of the Navajo, contributing editor Kristin Winter found that it really one of the easiest and most gentle aircraft she had flown. (Photo: Paul Bowen)

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  • ...nothing can replace the skill and confidence you get using spare training time to do weird things.

    Kevin Garrison
  • The P210 is the most reasonably priced pressurized General Aviation airplane in the fleet.

    Steve Ells
  • It costs fuel to carry fuel in any airplane...

    Thomas Block
  • All of the PA-28-180/181 aircraft are great airplanes.

    Kristin Winter
  • My happy place is metal and T-shaped and smells like 100 octane

    Kevin Garrison


created a new topic ' Fuel Managment' in the forum. 4 days ago


I'm flight instruction a gentleman in his 1967 PA-32-300. I curious how experienced Cherokee 6 pilots manage thier fuel.

Right now I'm thinking of burning thusly: There are of course have 4 tanks holding: 17, 25, 25 and 17, gallons respectivly. Burn an hour from the left and right mains as the POH recommends, then burn an hour from each tip, then if needed back to the mains and run those dry if needed?

I'm not advocating or teaching pilots to burn thier tanks dry every flight, but if inadvertently caught in an IFR situation that demanded extended range, I like to learn and study my options on the ground, to apply later if needed.

Any constructive advice would be appreciated, Dave Wacker


haskellb created a new topic ' New Cargo Net Installation Kit' in the forum. 5 days ago

Has anyone purchased the new cargo net kit that Piper offered in their Service Spares Letter No.474? Any idea of the price or what advantage,if any, it has over the regular cargo straps?