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    The Best Entry-Level Pipers

    Longtime Piper pilot and Piper twin owner Kristin Winter discusses the cream of the crop in entry-level Piper aircraft. (Photo: James Lawrence)

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    Short Wing Pipers

    Out of a poor economy came a series of aircraft that were better than expected. (Photo: Peter Lubig)

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    The Piper Navajo

    After initially feeling intimidated by the size of the Navajo, contributing editor Kristin Winter found that it really one of the easiest and most gentle aircraft she had flown. (Photo: Paul Bowen)

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  • "...nothing can replace the skill and confidence you get using spare training time to do weird things."

    - Kevin Garrison

  • "It costs fuel to carry fuel in any airplane..."

    -Thomas Block

  • "All of the PA-28-180/181 aircraft are great airplanes."

    - Kristin Winter

  •   "My happy place is metal and T-shaped and smells like 100 octane"

    - Kevin Garrison


Jen D replied to the topic 'Piper Flyer Mag, 9/20/13: Dick Russ Door Article' in the forum. 21 hours 17 minutes ago

Hi James,
Here's the link to the article. Please let me know if you need anything else.




Greg Kainz thanked STEVE ELLS in topic 83 Dakota main strut 2 days ago
STEVE ELLS replied to the topic '83 Dakota main strut' in the forum. 2 days ago

Hi Greg;
A strong set of snap ring pliers with a 90 degree bend between the handle and the pins is very helpful. It allow the installer to fully compress (?) the snap ring without abnormal physical stresses. It's not abnormal to have to push what you call the spacer ring up into place using a punch and a small hammer to move it up.
That said, If you found a second way to re assemble the strut after installing new seals, and it doesn't leak. Good on you, as the Aussies say.
I need to point out that it's important to make sure the parts are super clean since even a small bit of smutch can be enough to cause problems. The seal kits I get for my Comanche include an over long wiper strip. I have to cut it to size or I can't get it in place.
Repacking a strut is not overly difficult but having to go at it from the bottom up can make it hard to see everything clearly and to apply all the actions without tiring.