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    The Best Entry-Level Pipers

    Longtime Piper pilot and Piper twin owner Kristin Winter discusses the cream of the crop in entry-level Piper aircraft. (Photo: James Lawrence)

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    Short Wing Pipers

    Out of a poor economy came a series of aircraft that were better than expected. (Photo: Peter Lubig)

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    The Piper Navajo

    After initially feeling intimidated by the size of the Navajo, contributing editor Kristin Winter found that it really one of the easiest and most gentle aircraft she had flown. (Photo: Paul Bowen)

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replied to the topic 'NAVAJO CHIEFTAIN LANDING GEAR ISSUE' in the forum. 5 hours 41 minutes ago

We have two mules that we made from parts like Kristin said. One we even mounted in a red wagon. We had some hoses and attachments made and off to the races. They were inexpensive used pumps. Generic pumps will do fine. We used 24VDC pumps and run off our battery cart. They get the job done. Hope this helps.


Dear All,

I have recently purchased Piper Arrow PA-28 R 201T manufactured in 1978 (Frame S/N 28R-7803250). The 600 series turbocharger (P/N 646396) has just been replaced during the 100-hour inspection due to a a small crack (we have complied with the relevant AD).

Surprisingly, the aircraft manual and all revisions up to 2012 do not include any information on the turbocharger “limitations” and correct operation. The engine manual only indicates the cooling time after a flight (5 minutes before the engine can be turned off)).

My question is : Can touch and go be performed with this particular aircraft? As well as 180-degree turn emergency simulations?

Thank you in advance for your comments.

Best regards,

Patricio Levenzon


STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'Nav Lights Inop' in the forum. yesterday

About the only advice I can pass on is to use a volt meter or a lighted probe tool (type 12 volt voltage tester into Amazon to get an idea--I'm sure you're local auto parts store has one) to determine where the open wire or faulty component is. I would probably look first at the nav light switch.
Let me know what you find.
I thought I answered this question yesterday, sorry for the delay.