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    The Best Entry-Level Pipers

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    Short Wing Pipers

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replied to the topic 'PA-28 Engine Angle' in the forum. yesterday

Thanks so much for your help, this is perfect.


created a new topic ' Cylinder Head temp too low in cold weather' in the forum. yesterday

The 1982 Seneca III (PA34-220T) is new to me and while searching for issues I came across Piper Flyers and joined.
As the weather temp drops I am running into 2 issues.
1. I cannot find a winter kit to cover the oil cooler
2. After picking it up at the Avionics shop yesterday at 18 deg F I flew it 1 hour and the cylinder temp was not getting over 220/240 degrees which is too cold. As we are just beginning winter her in MN it will get colder. Reading blogs pilots are recommending blocking some of the inlets. Seems odd but that might be what has to do. I don’t see any STC so I believe it is against FAA to do so but dealing with a ramp check is better than replacing cylinders.
I looked in your Forum and could not find anything but I cannot believe lots of pilots have not had this issue and there is a legal fix or proper usage.

I have already
1. Had the baffles looked at and are fine
2. Adjusted power settings to higher RPM to head the cylinders
3. Adjusted the MP
4. I did put aluminum tape on part of the oil cooler to make sure the oil doesn’t get too cold. (no relation to cyl temp)
5. I fly at 75 deg ROP
Any idea on what I can do.

Happy Flying!


STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'PA-28 Engine Angle' in the forum. yesterday

PIper responded with this drawing. It indicates that the engine CL is nose down by 4 degrees compared to airframe level.
Based on this information, it looks like your engine position is within 1 degree of the design goal.
Happy Flying