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STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'Seneca III - 220T Suggested Power Setings' in the forum. 20 hours 21 minutes ago

Hi and welcome;
The first thing to know about the Seneca III is that it has fixed turbocharger wastegates. Therefore, when increasing power always be careful since there is no automatic wastegate controller. Power up slowly and keep an eye on the MAP guages. Unless you're careful you can over boost the engine very easily.
That's a technical hint for you.
Other readers may have more flying speed tips, etc.


replied to the topic 'This is an awesome regulatory reference!' in the forum. 2 days ago

Hi Steve,
Sorry, I tried to do an upload but the file was too big so I had to create a Dropbox. Enjoy!



sonopiper created a new topic ' Seneca III - 220T Suggested Power Setings' in the forum. 2 days ago

Hello. First post. I have time in other twins, will be flying Seneca III 220T tomorrow for some general handling, local flight and circuits and then hopefully regularly after that.

I have the POH. When flying a new airplane I like to seek advice from experience flyers of that on the suggested speed and power settings for that. I have studied the POH and other internet searches for this but dont seem to find anything. Airfield elevation is 400ft.

just looking for ball park advice, below are probably incorrect, just examples to show what information I am looking for.

take off roll e.g 34"/max rpm
climb out: eg. 25"/2500
120 knots general for general handling (stalls, simulated engine failure etc): eg 22"/2200 rpm
descrent to circuit 17"/2400
pattern 18/2400
finals 15/2500

thank you very much!