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Piper Flyer Website

You can log in from the link at the very top of the home page or on the forums page . We recommend logging in as soon as you access the site to ensure you get the most from the site.

on Thursday December 29 by Jen D

You can upload photos either through your profile or through the forums. You'll need to log in first in either case. Please note that maximum file size is 8MB, but smaller photos are preferred as they will load faster:

From your Profile:

  1. Click "My Photos"
  2. Click "Upload Photos"
  3. Click either "Create New Album" or "Add to Existing Album" (tip: you may want to create a general use album such as "My Photos" to accommodate miscellaneous photos in the future)
  4. Click "Add Files" and navigate to the folder on your computer or mobile device and upload photos.

From the Forums:

  1. Choose "New Topic" or navigate to an existing topic
  2. Type a short (or long) post
  3. Scroll down to and click on "Add File" and choose your image.
  4. You can either "insert" image which will show the image within the post or submit the post and the image will show as an attachment.
on Thursday December 29 by Jen D

Once you log in you can reset your password from your profile page: click profile tab, then click "Edit Profile/Password" then click "Account Details" button. You'll see the spot to change your password there.

on Thursday December 29 by Jen D

If you've forgotten both your username and password, first click the link "Forgot username" under the log in boxes.

Once you've retrieved your username click the link "Forgot password." Follow the directions in the email to reset your password and you should be good to go.

If you don't receive an email to retrieve your username or reset your password it may be that we do not have an up-to-date email address on file for you. In that case please email or call 626-844-0125 (accepts texts) and we'll get you set up.

on Thursday December 29 by Jen D