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Piper Flyer Association Testimonials

Kudos for the Anuual Gathering

Reflecting back on all the fun I had last week, much of it was directly attributable to your efforts. I hope that you two will take a moment and reflect back with a sense of great satisfaction; thanks to you, it was a grand week.

The new Waupaca Sunday-only format seems to me to work very well. The choice of subjects and the quality of the presentations were perfect---the best yet. And the hotel did a good job too. But it’s all your planning and detail to make it happen---that’s what we appreciate most. Thanks, folks.....take a bow----best regards,

Pete Bernardin

I really enjoyed the Gathering at Waupaca very much, again. You guys are really great hosts & much fun to be around. I enjoyed the Sunday presentations & was astonished at the airplane camping gal.

The prizes were amazing, you must have a great relationship with all the vendors!

PS: Thanks for helping me get a room. I learned my lesson, reserve the room earlier!

Thanks so much!

Darrel Caldwell

Comments from our recent survey:

Great Magazine

Magazine has improved dramatically in the past few months; I used to just skim but now I'm reading the articles more closely. As I have more time in the coming couple years, this will be even more important to me. Great mag; keep up the good work!

Steady improvements all the time. nice job!

The magazine continues to interest with articles by Scott and Steve Ells. The refurbishment stories certainly are timely to those of us with Senecas, and I always enjoy the articles which members submit of their own aircraft updates.


Parts Locating

Thank you very much for your assistance and help in locating this part. I knew it would be fairly expensive as I have been searching for a solution for some time. I will forward this information to my mechanic as this seems to be about the best price I have come upon to this point.

Brian M. Harman

Dear Kent,

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to help me find a control valve for my Piper Seneca ice boots! Our A&P searched several sources and located one. But I felt even for a plane part it was too expensive. I looked on my own and was finding them at close to the same price.

I contacted you late in the afternoon and the next business day you found me a source that saved me over $1,000. Also they were able to ship it the same day reducing my down time.

I always enjoy reading your magazines and learn something new. But now I have yet another reason for continuing my membership.

Thank you very much for taking the time to help me so quickly!

Best Regards,

Brad Jackson

Piper Flyer thank you

Last winter the ice shield on the pilot's windshield stopped working on my 1979 Piper Model F Aztec. Troubleshooting established a resistance reading out of tolerance. Extensive searching from regular sources and online research turned up one used unit available with no guarantee it would work. The photograph shown together with a ridiculous price convinced me it was not for me.

An email to Kent quickly generated a response with two shops listed that quoted general pricing which would be firmed up after they looked at my unit. Based on the condition of my unit, I elected to go with one and shipped my unit to them. After ten days I had a quote, discussed the particulars, got the unit repaired, returned and finally installed for this Winter. It worked fine and looks brand new.

I have belonged to Piper Flyer Association for a long time enjoying the magazine. This problem solving great attitude and timely response from Kent was certainly appreciated and a resource that is a great benefit of membership.

Michael J Lazar