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No-Drip Oil Change Challenge

No-Drip Oil Change Challenge Featured

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May 2013

With some simple tools and a steady hand, you’ll leave no trace of your work—except what you’ve documented in the log.

Oil in the wrong place is the gift that keeps on giving; it spreads, collects dirt and generates fingerprints.

When pouring in the new oil, it’s patience that keeps the oil from dripping.


No matter how hard I try, I seem to drip oil in one place or another when I change the oil and filter on my 1965 Cherokee 140. It drips on the strut; it drips on the hoses, the nosewheel and the tarmac. Even though I take extreme precautions… it always seems to be there when I’m done!

Oil in the wrong place is also the gift that keeps on giving, as it spreads to even more locations, collects dirt and makes you leave fingerprints all over the plane. So after the last oil change when my wife asked me about the dirt on the steering wheel of my car, I decided to go head-to-head with dripping oil.

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