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CHARLIE MEULLER replied to the topic 'No main alternator breaker?' in the forum. 8 hours 35 minutes ago

John, I recently purchased a 1981 Piper Dakota and it has an alternator field circuit breaker on the breaker panel but there is no 60 AMP Alternator breaker anywhere. The wiring diagram, clearly
shows one so we assumed it was removed by a previous owner. I had a 60 AMP breaker installed.



I’m a new member and a new Cherokee 6 owner...
I was wondering if anyone knew of someone who wanted to rent some hanger space around San Antonio Tx. I...
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Nik Cielo added a video. 5 days ago
Insight: Choosing the Right Engine Monitor

Insight: Choosing the Right Engine Monitor

G-Series graphic engine monitors solves engine mystery for 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 14 cylinder air or liquid-cooled engines.

Greg Kainz created a new topic ' 79 Dakota cowling weight?' in the forum. 5 days ago

Long shot, I know, but anyone know or can weigh the cowl halves from a '79 Dakota? Ours just came back from new paint and had repairs done to the cowl halves, enough that they weigh more than did before repair.


Greg Kainz created a new topic ' Dakota Shimmy Dampener rebuild info?' in the forum. 5 days ago

Our 1979 Dakota shimmy dampener is shot.
Shimmy Dampener - Gar-Kenyon part # 95260-1. Piper part # PS50152-4.
Internal rings - Glyd Ring part # S12546-012

From our search efforts, it appears that the rings needed to complete a rebuild are unavailable or at least don't show up in online searches.
Anyone have any success at finding these rings?

In retracing a previous path from about 4 years ago, ended up talking to the same guy at Gar Kenyon that helped us last time. They are now in Meriden, CT. He remembered that call, and repeated info about a company, Shamban & Co. in Ft Wayne that is listed as a source for the glyd rings we need. I’m pretty sure their previous answer was a minimum order of thousands because they aren’t made anymore. Perhaps this search will end differently. Waiting to hear back from this call.

Anyone else been down this path?


Lydell L. Newby II created a new topic ' Looking for an Engine Case...' in the forum. 6 days ago

.... in serviceable or tagged condition. Compatible with a IO-360-B1E. Thanks in advance for your help.


Nik Cielo added a video. 6 days ago
ForeFlight Launches Trip Assistant, Door-to-Door Flight and Fuel Stop Planner

ForeFlight Launches Trip Assistant, Door-to-Door...

ForeFlight offers customers Trip Assistant, a simple-to-use planning tool that quickly computes door-to-door trip time

Jen D created a new topic ' Important info for owners of late-model G 1000 Saratogas' in the forum. 6 days ago

If you own a late-model Saratoga with a G-1000 glass panel and have had trouble updating your software, please read the following. A member contacted us with this problem, Kent called Simon Caldecott at Piper and we were given information about a coming fix.
Here's the correspondence:

Dear Editor,
I recently purchased a beautiful 2007 Saratoga II TC. It is actually the third from the last Saratoga ever built according to FAA records. It has the full G-1000 glass panel which was quite a challenge to learn to use after 25+ years of steam gauges.
Some of the G-1000 features don’t work (Checklists and Metars at destination airports, to name but two). After numerous calls to Garmin and Piper I’ve ascertained that although Garmin built the platform and many of its features, it is up to the airplane manufacturer to provide the software insofar as it relates to the particular aircraft and certain of the applications. Apparently the checklists, use of memory for certain weather functions, and perhaps other features I’ve not yet discovered to be missing or out of date, are among those items that Piper was responsible for handling. When I discussed this with Piper I was told that when they stopped making the Saratoga, they also stopped taking care of (updating) the software for that plane.

So here I am with the state of the art glass panel that doesn’t keep up. I asked if they (both Piper and Garmin) had any ideas and they did not. I am wondering if you have any ideas, perhaps independent software programmers, etc., who might be able to update the software and add the missing features? Even my “old” 530/430 let me enter the checklists manually, but this “state of the art” equipment does not.
I would appreciate any help you or your readers might be able to offer.
Jerry Gottlieb

Hi Jerry,
I reached out to Piper and Simon Caldecott and Ron Gunnerson got back to me. Please see Ron’s response and what Piper is doing to address these concerns.
I do hope this addresses some of your concerns. Please keep me in the loop.

Best Regards.

Kent Dellenbusch
Vice President

Good Morning Kent,

Thanks for the note to Simon last week and for passing on Mr. Gottlieb’s questions concerning upgrades for late model, G1000 equipped PA32 aircraft.

Piper and Garmin are supporting a key, mutual dealer partner of ours, Des Moines Flying Service, in bringing to market an upgrade package for G1000 equipped PA32 aircraft. STC availability is targeting Q1, 2019.

Some of the planned improvements include:

• Ability to display Garmin Flight Chart as an option, versus only Jeppesen Charts
• Synthetic Vision for added additional situational awareness
• GDL-69A SXM receiver for satellite weather to your navigation display and audio entertainment
• Adding the GTX-345R to meet the FAA 2020 ADS-B out mandate, to display ADS-B Weather and enable ADS-B In capability

A good contact for additional information at Des Moines Flying Service is: Arnold Hill,

Ron Gunnarson
Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Customer Support
Piper Aircraft, Inc.

I’m not sure if you are aware of the correspondence between Ron Gunnarson and Kent Dellenbusch but I am the “Mr. Gottlieb” who is the owner of a late model PA-32-301T. Actually my 2007 Saratoga II TC (Ser # 3257490) is the third from the last ever built and has the G-1000.

I first contacted them (and everyone else I could think of) because my G-1000 had no “Checklists” (or even the ability to put my own in as I had been able on my previous 530/430) and would not display METARS at the destination airports even though I had all of the correct subscriptions and settings. That is when I first found out about the need for Piper to provide the upgrade to correct what I assumed was a Garmin problem.

I am delighted to hear that you or your company are working on a solution. Please put me on your list of owners who would be glad to pay for such an upgrade. I’m would also be glad to act as a reviewer or tester or whatever else may help move this along.

Jerry Gottlieb

Very nice to hear from you.

Will put you on the list for the upgrade.

We currently have an STC project aircraft S/N 3257469, this may need to change. If needed we will contact you, with further details.

We are currently working diligently this project. The next phase of needing an aircraft will be to put it into experimental category, finish witnessed compliance testing, and do the FAA performance/compliance Flight Tests.

Arnold Hill
Avionics Manager
Des Moines Flying Service, Inc.


HANS NEUBERT replied to the topic 'Cracks in webbing of main landing gear trunnions' in the forum. 6 days ago

You are correct. The trunnion with the triangular shaped web with the large hole is significantly stronger and stiffer. Since it is from an earlier model, I believe that only a log book entry is required, denoting the change in part number.


Pete Castine replied to the topic 'Cracks in webbing of main landing gear trunnions' in the forum. 6 days ago


Perhaps these pics are better. The brace with the larger webbing, and large hole is the recommended fix for the webbing cracking. The brace with the small web is what was the original equipment on my airplane. Lasted 47 years, so not too shabby.

Interestingly, it seems the brace with the larger webbing was the original equipment on earlier Arrows. The used legs I've found have come from a 1968 Arrow. I don't know when Piper switched to the different design (probably lighter), but the recommendation from landing gear shops is to replace it with the older-style part.



Jen D replied to the topic 'Cherokee Wing Spar issues' in the forum. 7 days ago

Hi Bryan,
Our tech guy, Steve Ells, was looking for answers at AirVenture this year, but was a little frustrated. Piper Aircraft had nothing to say about it. I think Steve has also been researching sources for the inspections and possible AMOCs should this become an AD.

Steve is out of town right now, but I'll ask him to chime in when he can.



John Barco replied to the topic 'Nose Gear shimmy on an Arrow' in the forum. 7 days ago

Yes, all of the regular issues have been looked at repeatedly. We've even considered the mains and breaks as possible sources of induction. Still on the hunt for a solution.


STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'Nose Gear shimmy on an Arrow' in the forum. 7 days ago

Hi, Have you balanced the nose wheel/tire assembly?


My arrow 200 needs more and more prime to start. It's been gradually increasing over the course of 6 months. Previously it was about 4-5 seconds now... Show more

John Barco replied to the topic 'Nose Gear shimmy on an Arrow' in the forum. 1 week ago

Thanks, but no, this has already been checked. Several pairs of eyes have looked at it but have not yet found the problem.


HANS NEUBERT replied to the topic 'Cracks in webbing of main landing gear trunnions' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

About the web cracks. There are a number of UTube videos looking at the main gear at landing. When the wheel touches, the main gear bends backward due to wheel spinup. Then the main gear rebounds, bending forward due the dynamics of the event. The forward motion puts a tension stress on the web. Cracks like those shown only occur due to tension stress.


HANS NEUBERT replied to the topic 'Nose Gear shimmy on an Arrow' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

If the Arrow has a steering arm containing two rollers, check the gap between the rollers and the gear arm. When on the ground, the maximum gap should not exceed .010. If greater, have new rollers made to your dimensions.


BRYAN RUSSELL replied to the topic 'Cherokee Wing Spar issues' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

1st question: If they were finding all these defects on various airplanes, how have they not issued an emergency AD? 2nd question: Regardless of what the NTSB, FAA and Piper do or not do, where in the USA would a pilot take his Piper to have NDI performed?


John Barco created a new topic ' Nose Gear shimmy on an Arrow' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Nose gear shimmy so bad that it has damaged two nose tires. Been put up on jacks and inspected several times. Shimmy damper replaced. Steering bungees' checked. Seems OK, but obviously there is something wrong. has anyone had any experience with this bad of a problem? Any advice would be appreciated.