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December 2014-

One of the great things about websites is they rarely stay frozen in time.
Because we want members to have the best and most timely resources available to them,
PiperFlyer.org is being updated regularly. PFA member Scott Sherer will be reporting
on what's new and of interest in this space every other month.

As we continually improve our online presence and resources for members, we'll be alerting you to the content, structure and functionality changes occurring on PiperFlyer.org.
I suggest you check out the website to get familiar with all of the web pages available to you with your Piper Flyer membership. The menu structure of the site has recently been updated, so take a look around PiperFlyer.org today.

You can do this by clicking
on the following areas:

Clicking on the button at the top left of the header menu or on the Piper Flyer Association logo will always take you back to the main page.

Contains Featured Articles, Article Archive and Digital Magazines. Several years of Piper Flyer back issues are available digitally, and individual articles from the past 10 years are added to the archive regularly.

This is the space where you can log in, check your membership expiration and renew your membership. You may also edit your profile or password and change your address or contact information. This section is also where you'll find our Parts Locator request form and members' Photo Galleries.

Knowledge Base
Our Piper knowledge base has all kinds of resources you can appreciate, like Latest Aviation News, Piper Aviation Alerts, a Piper model directory, videos and an annual inspection checklist, with more information added all the time.
Find Upcoming Events information and visit the Events Map to see all of the great activities both near and far.

Here is where you can see our mission statement, find out about us, get official company contact information, or take a look at our media kit.

Tell your friends we have two options for membership! Full Membership and Monthly Magazine Subscription, and Limited Free Online Account.

Piper Yellow Pages
This is PFA's brand-new online database. Check it out, play with it, make recommendations. If you have an update to submit, send it to .

The forum is an online discussion medium for members to ask questions and communicate with other members, staff and vendors. Use it to share information related to Piper airplanes, Piper Flyer Association and industry news.
Here's a listing of the topics
recently discussed:

"New Member to Piper Flyer"
This is the welcome mat. If you're new and looking for information, or have advice for newbies, this is the place to post.

"Gas and Hangar Prices"
Let us know what life is like around your local aerodrome.

"Combustion Heater Articles
in November Piper Flyer"
Use this space to comment about the recent heater articles and discuss your experience.

"1967 PA-32-300"
A member is looking for a particular Aircraft Flight Manual and Original Equipment List. Have a suggestion? If so, visit this topic and help your fellow member.

"Vags in the November Issue"
Were you glad to see the venerable Piper Vagabond receive some press in our pages? Add your two cents here.

"Oil Pressure, temperature
& fuel gauge replacement"
Without an STC for replacement of the cluster, your only hope is a Field Approval. This post offers some details and a photo.

"D Model Aztec ignition"
If you're an Aztec owner or have
experience with this airplane, log in
and participate.

"For Sale: Garmin 530W, 340 Audio, Narco AT-165 Transponder"
In the market? Have questions for the seller? Ask away.
The PFA website is a content-rich dynamic source of information available for every member. Access it at PiperFlyer.org. It comes with your membership and it's a major benefit to you!

If you would like to make website recommendations to correct errors, update content or improve functionality, click on "Contact Us" under the About/Contact menu, or email .

Piper Flyer Association member Scott Sherer is a multi-engine and instrument rated private pilot who is active on the PFA forums. Send questions or comments to .

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