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PFA member Scott Sherer reports on what’s new and of interest to Piper Flyers this month.

February 2015-

We recently upgraded our PFA website’s software. If you visit PiperFlyer.org and experience any trouble viewing the site, please clear your browser cache and refresh your page. (For instructions on how to clear the cache, visit WikiHow.com and search for “clear browser cache” or visit clearyourcache.com. —Ed.) If you are still having trouble or note any problems with the site, please get in touch with us.

Piper Yellow Pages
PFA’s brand-new online database has 90 listings in 28 separate categories, and we invite you to check it out, play with it and make recommendations. When you have direct experience with a product or service, rate it! This way other members will know when you’re a satisfied customer. If you have an update to submit to the Yellow Pages, send it to .

The forum is an online discussion medium for members to ask questions and communicate with other members, staff and vendors. Use the forum to share information related to Piper airplanes, Piper Flyer Association and industry news.

Here’s a listing of the topics recently discussed:

“Gas and Hangar Prices”
With the recent dip in automobile fuel prices, are you experiencing a lower fuel bill at the airport? Let the rest of us know.

“Winter flying is here!”
Join your fellow flyers in describing the wonders as well as the not-so-wonderful realities about flying in the cold-weather months.

“ADS-B: Has anyone installed equipment yet?”
We’ve had over 500 views to this post alone. Take a look at the replies and offer your thoughts and experiences, too. We all benefit from this sort of knowledge sharing.

“For Sale: Garmin 530W, 340 Audio, Narco AT-165 Transponder”
A center stack upgrade means yellow-tagged equipment is available. Photos are online, too.

“Air Temperature probe”
Someone’s OAT was broken; someone else had a spare part. It’s that simple. Do you have extras, or are you looking for extras of any kind for your airplane? Consider this post the inspiration for you to post your own request.

“Replacement Fuel Caps”
As with so many of the forum topics, you’ll find great tips and information here, too.

“Suggestions for removing/installing new carpet?”
Have experience in re-carpeting a Saratoga or similar aircraft? Share your do’s and don’ts with a new PFA member and you’ll be giving us all some good insight on this winter project.

“New Member to Piper Flyer”
If you have experience maintaining or upgrading a mid-1960’s Cherokee 180, take a look at this post. One of our newest members is looking for advice and tips—let’s give him a friendly welcome and help him out using our incredible network.

The PFA website is a content-rich dynamic source of information for our members. Access it at PiperFlyer.org. It comes with your membership and it’s a major benefit to you!

If you would like to make website recommendations to correct errors, update content or improve functionality, click on “Contact Us” under the Contact menu, or email .

Piper Flyer Association member Scott Sherer is a multi-engine and instrument rated private pilot who is active on the PFA forums. Send questions or comments to .

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