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Navigating PiperFlyer.org

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Steady improvements are rewarding PFA website and forum users with a great membership experience.

April 2015-

This PFA website column is published in order to alert you to recent changes in and improvements to our member website. This month I’ll be focusing on the forum.
Members who already use the PFA forum know that I really enjoy posing questions and responding to others. I am a 47-year pilot that’s owned five Pipers in the last 35 years, and as a 30-year association professional, I’ve been using online forums since 1986.

So it should not come as a surprise that my favorite place to be—other than the left seat of my airplane—is on the member forum at PiperFlyer.org.

I estimate that forum participation has tripled over the last couple of years. The website software has steadily improved in performance, stability, capability and content, and it now rewards our website and forum users with a great membership experience. Members have responded with an increased level of participation and satisfaction.
For those of you who aren’t familiar, the forum—which is included with your membership—is an online discussion medium that allows pilots and owners to ask questions, communicate with other members, staff and vendors, and share information related to Piper airplanes, Piper Flyer Association and the industry. You can access the PFA boards by clicking on the Forum tab at PiperFlyer.org.
Here’s a list of the topics recently discussed and trending:

“Aircraft Tugs”
A discussion on various tugs members are using to move their Pipers. If you have experience with tug ownership and have recommendations, join the discussion.

“PreBuy Inspection”
Besides a house, an airplane can be your most expensive possession. A pre-purchase inspection is hugely important. As a Piper owner, your experiences with pre-buys really matter; share them with other members.

“New App ‘Airport Courtesy Cars’”
This new, free app for Piper Flyers lists over 1,000 airport locations with crew and courtesy cars. The thread is the most-read topic in the history of the PFA forum with over 7,700 views; members are reading and participating often. Check it out!

“Gas and Hangar Prices”
For obvious reasons, this is the second-most active topic on the forum. Members from all over the country are voicing how much they pay for hangars and gas, turning this discussion into a mini-survey. Get online and share your hangar and gas price experiences.

“ADS-B: Has anyone installed equipment yet?”
Initially this topic didn’t get much response, but as the months go by, more and more Piper Flyers are installing ADS-B equipment. Radio shops are saying that you shouldn’t wait until 2019, and I’m hearing that equipment shortages and installation delays may get you grounded if you wait too long. Log in to find out what PFA members are installing and how much it’s costing.

“Best Fire Extinguisher for PA-38-181?”
Aircraft Spruce, Chief Aircraft, Sporty’s, Wag-Aero, SkyGeek and others have aircraft fire extinguishers for sale. Check out this topic and share what you’re using in your Piper.

“PA-28/O-360 Baffle Set for Sale”
Members are buying and selling avionics, aircraft and parts on PFA forum. If you are seeking a reliable buyer or seller, here’s the place. I can personally attest to the quality of PFA members when it came to upgrading my airplane panel and selling my older avionics through the forum.

“Recently joined member introducing himself”
What better way to get involved with PFA and interact with members, vendors and staff than by introducing yourself?

“Rough engine running in winter 1967 Arrow I”
Do you have your own nagging maintenance issue with your Piper? Get quick responses from your fellow PFA members and Piper Flyer contributing editors through the forum. We’re all here to help each other improve our Piper ownership experience.

“New PFA member and Saratoga owner”
Two new members introduced themselves on this topic. One sold his Commander 114 and another sold his Cirrus SR22, and both bought Piper Saratogas! Congrats to both of you and welcome to our association.

“For Sale: Garmin 530W, 340 Audio, Narco AT-165 transponder”
I’m proud to report that PFA members purchased my older center stack. All of the equipment was sold in record time, just a couple of weeks!

“Speed Brakes”
One member is contemplating installing speed brakes to his Piper Arrow III. He’s tired of the shock cooling that comes along with the ATC slam-dunk descents that we all experience from time to time. If you have speed brakes on your plane, it would be helpful to hear of your experiences on the forum.

“Removal of Rear Passenger Seats
in 1979 PA-28”
A member wants to know of any issues or problems removing the rear seats from his PA-28. Piper Flyer contributing editor and mechanical guru Steve Ells chimed in with his advice.

The PFA website is a content-rich dynamic source of information available for every member. Access it at PiperFlyer.org. It comes with your membership and it’s a major benefit to you!
If you would like to make website recommendations to correct errors, update content or improve functionality, click on “Contact Us” under the About/Contact menu, or email .

Piper Flyer Association member Scott Sherer is a multi-engine and instrument rated private pilot. He’s logged 2,600 hours and is the owner of a 1977 PA-34-200T based at Burlington Municipal (KBUU) in Burlington, Wis. Sherer anxiously awaits the day when N344TB finally gets new paint. Send questions or comments to .

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