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Airworthiness Concern Sheet: FreeFlight systems FDL-978-XVR

Reason for Airworthiness Concern:

Latent failure of FreeFlight Systems ADS-B unit, model number FDL-978-XVR, to display air traffic or transmit location to other aircraft with active ADS-B In.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Description of Airworthiness Concern:

Request for Information (For example: Proposed alternate inspection or repair procedures, cost impact, etc. Your comments or replies to the FAA need to be as specific as possible. Please provide specific examples to illustrate your comments or concerns.)

We have received reports of latent failures of FreeFlight model FDL-978-XVR ADS-B units. Troubleshooting determined that some units failed completely, while other units failed intermittently. Attempts to update the software and change any unit settings failed, as most parameters were “greyed out” and unable to be changed. Additionally, the failed units gave no indication of failure to the pilot.

Dreams Come True with Annual Scholarship from AIR

Dreams Come True with Annual Scholarship from AIR

FREDERICK, MD., Aug. 13, 2019 – Every year, the agents and pilots of Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) give back to the aviation community they serve through a scholarship. 

Many deserving applicants from a variety of backgrounds have applied and it proves difficult to pick just one. So difficult, in fact, that for the past two years, AIR scholarship judges ended up awarding two scholarships. This year proved no different.

Amy Hills did not always have the flying bug, but that all changed on her 31st birthday when she was gifted a discovery flight. The rest is history and she is charging ahead toward her goal to become a certified flight instructor (CFI). Hills will be using the scholarship to help complete her instrument rating. 

Amy Hills demonstrates a drive to be a role model for her young daughters as well as to inspire a future generation of young pilots by regularly participating as an EAA Young Eagles pilot. She also works tirelessly to get more families exposed to their local airport through educational events. It was Amy Hill’s drive to share her passion for aviation with others that brought her to the top of AIR’s finalist list.

Also at the top of that list was 18-year-old Russel Stafford, whose family was his inspiration to become a pilot. He regularly spent time flying with his grandmother in her Beech Bonanza, and his great-grandfather was a retired TWA captain. 

As one of six children, this scholarship will ease his family’s burden and help Stafford one day achieve his goal of becoming an aerial firefighter with the U.S. Forest Service. He is already well on his way. Stafford has completed ground school and his knowledge test. He’s currently learning to fly a Cessna 140 out of a grass strip, while also visiting airshows and attending EAA meetings. Russel Stafford stated in his essay that General Aviation has shaped his life for the better—a quality everyone at AIR could relate to.

Since 1999, AIR has remained closely connected to the industry they serve; many of their customers are friends and some are even family. All the agents at AIR are pilots and understand the needs and challenges in owning or renting an aircraft and aviation-related businesses. 

No matter your involvement in aviation, AIR can provide a comprehensive yet economical solution for your needs. 

For updates on future scholarships or an aircraft insurance quote, call 877-247-7767 or fill out a quote request at air-pros.com


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