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Fly a Different Jet Warbird Every Day!

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December 2012

If you’re a pilot who says you’ve never even dreamed of flying a jet fighter… maybe your nose is growing?


The end of the Cold War in the 1990s brought a sigh of relief to much of the world. The end of the arms race between the Soviet Union and United States delivered a welcome downsizing of many military assets. For pilots, that meant the first time in history that a selection of jet warbirds were available for civilian use.

While the Cold War was winding down, Larry Salganek was busy teaching aerobatics in a T-34 Mentor. As the first foreign aircraft began to arrive in the United States, Salganek expanded to include instruction in Nanchang CJ-6s and then Yaks. His embrace of these more exotic aircraft put him in an ideal position to catch the first wave of jet fighters coming to America.

Today, Salganek has more hours instructing in these orphaned military jets than anyone else in the world. And thanks to his
Jet Warbird Training Center, pilots can spend a week in Santa Fe, N.M. (KSAF), and fly a different jet fighter every day!

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