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Destinations: AOPA Aviation Summit 2012, Palm Springs, Calif.

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AOPA Aviation Summit 2012 in wonderful Palm Springs, Calif. crept up on us like Santa slithering down the chimney. Jen and I packed up the truck with booth supplies, did a “cat check,” set the alarm system, locked the front door, and pulled out of the drive. Off we go!

AOPA is a first-class, not-to-be-missed show attended by aviators looking to purchase and negotiate. The lodge-like atmosphere of the convention center just adds to the ambiance.

The day before the show, Jen and I were setting up and saying hello to many of our supporters. Of course, we could have just paid attention to our task at hand, but no… we started socializing… with Mark Korin from Alpha Systems AOA and laughing with Thierry Pouille from Air Journey. This started a chain reaction and added a few extra hours to 45-minute setup. All part of the fun.

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