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Destinations: Copperstate 2012, Casa Grande, Ariz.

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Traveling on Interstate 10 to Casa Grande on my way to the 40th anniversary of the Copperstate Fly-in, I can’t help but wonder what it must have been like 40 years ago. What was the price of Avgas? The average cost of a Piper? VFR and IFR rules over the vast span of desert? Who came to the show?

I don’t know the answers, but one thing I believe must have remained constant at this fly-in over the years is the excitement. That never seems to change.

The first day at Copperstate 2012 was a bit windy, but the wind settled down after the morning hours and that was a blessing. The grounds were set up as always which created a warm welcome. (Funny how we can be creatures of habit.) Good food and a place to stand in front of the large cooling fans is a reliable comfort for the attendees and exhibitors alike.

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