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Cody, Wyo.: A still-small town in the big American West

Cody, Wyo.: A still-small town in the big American West

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Have you ever traveled through a town in a hurry and thought to yourself, I ought to come back here sometime when I can stop and smell the roses…?

During my NetJets days, flying here and there across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, I saw a lot of country but didn’t have time to stop and look around. Assignments were mostly of the “drop the owners and move on quickly to the next destination” type.

This was also the case when I first flew into Cody, Wyo. Cody is located in the northwest corner of the state and at the eastern gateway to Yellowstone National Park. After putting the Citation to bed late one afternoon, we got a crew car and drove five minutes into town, had a quick dinner and went to bed.

The next morning we fortunately did not have an early scheduled departure, and I asked the desk clerk where he would recommend we go for a good breakfast. Without missing a beat he recommended that the only place for breakfast was the Irma Hotel’s restaurant.

We drove downtown and parked near the Irma. The restaurant—approximately 50 by 90 feet—was full of people in what was once the hotel saloon. The food was excellent and the price was reasonable.

Driving back the airport, I knew that Cody was a place where I wanted to return to spend time enjoying the sights and atmosphere.


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