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Destination: Canadian Sojourn

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September 2005- Take 26 General Aviation aircraft, 26 “Type A” personality pilots, 35 high-intensity guests, eight international and Canadian journalists… and what do you have?

The Canadian International Air Rally!

Catherine Tobenas and Camil Dumont capably led the 4th edition of the rally. My wife Gayle and I were invited to cover this event as a freelance journalist/photographers.

We departed Canton, Ohio (CAK) in ugly VFR beginning this 2,000-plus mile odyssey. Our trip would include seven stops in Eastern Canada, including a tour of the Top Secret NORAD underground facilities at North Bay, Ontario. Our two landings on July 15th set the tone weather-wise for the trip.

Our fuel stop prior to landing in Fredericton, New Brunswick was to be Barre/Montpelier, Vt. Now it would seem reasonable to assume the state capital’s airport would be a bustling, full service operation . . . . not so.

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