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Destination: Flabob

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November 2005- After a long week of work and the first day of beautiful skies, I was able to go flying. When I took off and the tower cleared me for an early turn out from Orange County Airport, I was off to an airport that takes me back in time.

With a hundred miles visibility and light winds, I continued the turn over to follow the Santa Ana River bed until the riverbed intersected the 91 freeway. Following the freeway I passed Corona Airport while staying out of Riverside Airspace until the tower gave me permission to transit their airspace.

When Riverside Tower gave me permission, I continued along the 91 freeway at 2,500 feet AGL until north of Riverside airport and turned to a heading of north bound. Thirty minutes later, I saw my landmark—a 1,340-foot hill three quarters of a mile from the airport.

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