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“Best of the Best” Airport Restaurants Part One

“Best of the Best” Airport Restaurants Part One

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John Purner’s $100 Hamburger guide and website details all of the airport restaurants you absolutely must visit.

February 2015-

John Purner literally wrote the book on the hundred-dollar hamburger, and his guidebook and website provide all the information any aviator needs to find wonderful locations on or near runways for a perfect airport meal—including, but not limited to, those three-digit burgers.
Each year, Purner’s website visitors rate the many listings, and the very best receive five stars. When those eateries are located right on an airport, they become Purner’s “Best of the Best.” In 2014, 26 airport restaurants made the list.
Purner writes that the “Best of” list includes “very impressive high-dollar white tablecloth uptown cafes, [while] others are down-home spots. Each is special, and every region of the country is represented.”
Purner continues, “With this list, you can look forward to having a meal at an award-winning restaurant this year... they are just a flying adventure away.’’
What follows is a summary of the first half of Purner’s “Best of the Best” places to consume exquisite airport meals, presented in no particular order. The remaining 13 restaurants will be published next month in this magazine.

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