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SAIB: CE-10-38 Honeywell GPS sensor

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This Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin advises you of an airworthiness concern regarding a missed GPS Non-Precision Approach (NPA), which may be caused by the Honeywell GPS sensor when no backup navigation system is available on flights greater than 5 hours.
These sensors are used in Honeywell’s Flight Management System (GNS-XES, GNS-XLS, GNS-XLS Enchanced, GNS-XLS PRNAV, GNS-XLS Enhanced PRNAV, GNS-XL, GNS-XL PRNAV, CDU-XLS), GPS Navigator (KLN-89B, KLN-90B, KLN-94, KLN-900), TAWS (KMH-820, KMH-920, KGP-560, KGP-860, MK-XXI, MK V, MK VII, MK VI, MK VIII, MK XXII), GNSS (KGS-200), IC-615(IC-615), and EPIC Radio (VIDL-G).
At this time, the FAA has determined that this airworthiness concern is not an unsafe condition that would warrant airworthiness directive (AD) action under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 39.

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