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Directorate Identifier 2012-NE-41-AD; Amendment 39-17279; AD 2012-24-09

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SUMMARY: We are adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for Lycoming Engines TSIO-540-
AK1A, and Continental Motors, Inc. TSIO-360-MB, TSIO-360-SB, and TSIO-360-RB reciprocating
engines, with certain Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) turbochargers, model TA0411, part
number (P/N) 466642-0001; 466642-0002; 466642-0006; 466642-9001; 466642-9002; or 466642-
9006, or with certain HET model TA0411 turbochargers overhauled or repaired since August 29,
2012. This AD requires removing the affected turbochargers from service before further flight. This
AD was prompted by a report of a turbocharger turbine wheel that failed a static strength test at its
manufacturing facility.

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