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Avionics Bucket List, Part II

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April 2012


The Avionics Bucket List series is written to provide Piper Flyer readers with information from my observations and research about some of what is available in avionics. My hope is that with a step-by-step plan, aircraft owners will not choke writing one giant check for all the items on the list at one time. They will have a path to follow.


2020 will be here soon. Eight years is not much time to plan for major avionics changes, notably the ADS-B Out (Automatic Dependent Surveillance) requirement.

Let’s assume that your aircraft has only two Nav/Coms and a Mode C transponder.The ADS-B unit requires some supporting items, notably a GPS WAAS unit plus a Mode C or S transponder.

Some ADS-B units will have an integral GPS WAAS unit, but why not take full advantage of GPS capabilities by installing a GPS WAAS navigator? You will enter a whole new world of navigation ease with a panel-mounted GPS navigator. (I don’t expect the FAA to ease the restrictions on portable GPS devices to interface with ADS-B for a certified installation.)

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