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The Restoration of ’61 Tango, Part II

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July 2012

I ordered an Ashby fiberglass glareshield from Aircraft Spruce along with right and left windshields halves from Great Lakes Aero Products. (Yes, I decided to replace the right side windshield as well.)

FAA regulations require the supervision of an A&P mechanic for the replacement of the aircraft windshield, so I enlisted the services of my A&P father. He has been involved in almost everything that I have done to 61 Tango.

Unlike the side windows, the windshield is removed from the outside of the aircraft. Removal of the windshield required removal of the lower collar molding from the bottom of the windshield, removal of the trim strip from between the windshield halves, and finally, removal of both halves of the windshield. Then we removed the old cloth glareshield covering and the instrument panel overlay which includes the eyebrow that wraps around to the glareshield.

The Ashby fiberglass glareshield  requires custom trimming and fitting. To accomplish the proper fit, we made a poster board template of the new glareshield and trimmed and test-fitted the poster board template until it looked acceptable. Then we used the poster board template to trim and fit the fiberglass glareshield. The glareshield itself required additional trimming and numerous test fits until we were able to achieve a satisfactory result.

Additionally, we had to modify the instrument panel overlay to make it fit under the new glareshield, as well as locate and cut holes in the glareshield for defroster vents, handholds and the compass mount.

It was a lot of work, but we ended up with a professional-looking installation.

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