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Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick

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Here you are happily flying along, getting ready to land when you realize the carpet is bunched up under the rudder pedals. Yikes! This could be bad. It’s happened enough times to us that we wrote “Check Carpet Position” in our pre-landing checklist.

Close inspection reveals that over time, the carpet backing separated from the foam rubber padding which allows it to slide under your heels when you work the rudder pedals. Now, your old flight instructor would be proud that you know what those pedals are for, but with the carpet bunched up behind them it could be dangerous when landing.

Simple fix! Put some glue on the foam rubber and slap the carpet back down!

Rats. Not only does that not work for very long, but it leaves a messy concoction of glue and foam bits on the floor, which is exposed as your carpet again slides forward. There is great potential to track this gooey mess elsewhere both in and on the airplane. So much for Plan A.

What to do? Of course, you could buy and install all new carpet, but that is really expensive.

Or you could find a piece of new, but faded, blue pilot’s side carpet. But I’ll bet that even Kent Dellenbusch couldn’t find that part.

Hmmm… Maybe make a replacement with cheap discount-store carpet? That might work… until you get an FAA ramp check.

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