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Hits ‘n Misses

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August 2005- 

Every year in April, I set off to go to the annual EAA event in Lakeland, Fla., commonly known as Sun ‘n Fun.

Armed only with a press pass and a shopping list, I work my way around the show seeking out the specific products and services I have been contemplating to purchase. Sometimes I stumble across something I hadn’t planned on looking at and other times I find myself standing at the show booth, dealing with the disappointment that comes from finding that what you thought you really wanted isn’t really what you wanted.

This year, the weather was exceptionally nice, the flying demonstrations were great as always, and my son, who is not particularly aviation minded to start with, decided that it would be fun to hang out with Dad at an air show for a day. So off we went.

The following is what I found. What I would call the hits and the misses for me at Sun ‘n Fun 2005.

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