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Six Days, Seven Nights… One IFR Ticket

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August 2013

Jacob Eiting is an innovator and a broad thinker. He works as a software engineer by day, creating learning games in Spanish and other languages, and at night, he runs a service-side business called Five Zero Mike that creates aviation-related mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

“My passion is aviation apps,” he said. “GA is a really small market [so] I can have a lot of impact—and I have a vested interest,” he said. Eiting, I should add, is a GA pilot, with a newly-minted IFR ticket.

So far, Eiting’s developed a plug-in for flight simulators, has a weather briefing site he’s working on, and is planning a new app to record flight tracks.

Eiting is part of Generation Y, also known as Generation Net or the Millennials—he says he grew up when technology was growing up. Now 25, he sees a huge gap right now between technology and aviation. “There are potential gains to smoothing things out between technology and aviation,” he explained.

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