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Topic-icon Trouble shooting my rough running IO360

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3 weeks 6 days ago #1508

The IO360 on my Arrow 200 lately developped some rough running issues at idle.
It almost always happens during the idle check at the end of a run up.. I captured this in my datalogs attached.
The log in #1 shows how erratic my EGTs get right after a runup, with cylinder nr1 EGT being the worst. Fuel flow drops to just about 1.3gph and the EGTs are all over the place. The log in #2 shows how the engine used to run about a year ago where everything is looking smooth and fuel flow at 1.7gph. Both logs were made with same mixture setting so I am not running it excessively lean in the first picture.

Full rich, fuel pump ON/OFF does not fix the problem. The only way to stop the roughness is to increase throttle a bit. I dont suspect induction leaks because the engine idles really nicely after a flight. Roughness only happens when the engine is cold.

any ideas what to try next for trouble shooting?


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