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11 months 3 weeks ago #1703

The procedure that you have described I believe is incorrect.
I have the Maintenance manuals for the PA-31T2 and the PA-31 and both brake bleeding descriptions are the same (not what you described)
Please refer to your maintenance manual section 8 try 8.9
This is handy...I mean a must
This in gallon jugs, need 2 probably...
Then try the described technique in the manual and see if it works.

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1 year 6 months ago #1413

Hello all, I am new on this forum and seek for help.

I own a PA31T (8020017) and since a few months I experience problems with the LH wheel break. The part 145 facility which cares for the aircraft has run out of ideas to solve the problem.

After every 2nd flight with pressurized cabin the left break pedal (on both sides) falls through. By pumping simultaneously on both left pedals I can get sometimes the pedal harder again.

I can conduct 5 VFR flight at low levels - say FL60 - and have no problem. Although I havenˋt got an explanation I feel it has something to do with the cabin pressurization.

So far the break cylinders have been overhauled/replaced, the park break assy has been replaced and the break has been bled numerous times. There are new hoses.

The bleed procedure which is used is as follows:

They fill the reservoir. A 20 inch long clear tube is put on the bleed port of the break assy and the other side goes into a pot, which stands beside the wheel. Someone sits in the aircraft (between both front seats) and pumps simultaneously on both LH pedals until both pedals are really hard. Both pedals are kept under pressure. This person then calls the other person at the break assy who then opens the bleed port for a short time until both pedals are completey pressed down so that fluid is pressed out. This procedure is repeated 5 to 10 times. During this time the reservoir is always kept full.

Does anyone have an idea/suggestion what the root cause could be?

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