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Topic-icon Need a wing replacement for Mirage/Malibu

01 Aug 2019 17:04 #1887

Hi Henry,
Parts locating service is free with your Piper Flyer membership. Email or fill out the form here: www.piperflyer.org/members/parts-locating.html
Let us see if we can help.


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29 Jul 2019 22:10 #1885

Since you have scoured the country for a wing, you might get a second opinion on the possibility of a repair. I suggest you call www.airframecomponents.com formerly known as Williams. It's located in Indiana. The phone is 260 347 0807.
Another tool is to get the part number for the wing and type it into your favorite search engine. I've located parts using that method.

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25 Jul 2019 22:58 #1878

Hi Everyone,
We have damaged a wing of our Matrix N504EZ, which we loved and pampered so much.
The damage is so bad that it has to be replaced, less likely repaired.
We are currently talking to Piper and their certified services - new wing or replacement portion have very long lead times.
We could settle for a replacement from salvage yards, but I called a lot of them, they don't have any, they usually strip the wings off.
Is anyone aware, of any M350 that is going to be sold for parts any time soon? I'm asking because whoever dismantles it, we want to ask them to keep the wing.
Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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