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Topic-icon Looking for Hydraulic Nose Gear Cylinder - 1971 P28R

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8 months 3 weeks ago #1188

I have the auto-extend feature on my 1971 Arrow. During a climb, the system dumped the gear for some unknown reason (I was not slow or off the power). Landed safely, but discovered that the mounting ear tab was broken off the nose gear retract cylinder. The part number for the cylinder is 35797-002.

Had to leave the plane at the shop in TX (I'm from VA). The mechanic initially sourced a cylinder ($3200), but when it arrived the mechanic said it was the wrong part. I found a used cylinder with the correct part number on the internet, and had it overnighted to the mechanic. The mechanic said this one too was the wrong part. A few days later, the mechanic has found an overhauled cylinder ($3600) which he believes in the right one.

My questions:
- is it possible for different variants of the same part number? Mechanic says they are different depending on manufacturer
- is $3200 or $3600 a reasonable price for this part? (ouch!!!)
- anyone have a line on a used/overhauled cylinder at a more reasonable price?

Thanks in advance for any help,


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8 months 3 weeks ago #1189

Hi Pete,

let me look into this. I'll get back to you.


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8 months 3 weeks ago #1190

Hi Pete,
I have a reply from Tom at Flight Line Group. This might clear things up for you.


So here is the story on that actuator
The original actuator is a Piper part number of a 35797-002 this is made by Syncro devices SFA 231-1. Syncro has not made these for years so the only ones available are in repaired or overhauled condition.
The current part number is a 35797-002 or 455-997 This is made by Parker and is available new or repaired . New they are $4273.63 . However to install this actuator you have to replace the
Actuator attach fitting /jack point part number 67271-800 ($717.40)

Unfortunately these actuators are very expensive .. based on the cost of a new one and the cost of the replacement fitting $3200 doesn’t sound too bad ..

Tom Pentecost
DSA Flightline Group
850-702-5407 Direct
877-359-7473 (Toll Free)
850-574-2363 Fax

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