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6 days 1 hour ago #1958

Hello all,

This is my first post. I have a contract on a 1955 Apache. Yup, it has the 150 hp O-320 engines but fortunately new Harztell props so no AD.
I hope to have it in my possession by next month. This is my first plane to buy and I'm a little surprised at how slow the paperwork is. This is a partially restored plane that I will still want to put a little into the but basics are all there. Newer paint and new leather interior including a new headliner! Brand new STEC 50 autopilot with altitude hold and dual Garmin G5 flat screen displays. Since the plane doesn't have any vacuum gyros it no longer has vacuum pumps. All electric...nice! It also has new alternators and starters.

Wifey likes the look and paint scheme of this little Apache so I am hoping for some fun trips in it. I know it is slow for a twin but when I compared the purchase price to any comparable Cessna 182/Piper Dakota the Apache came off looking pretty good.

1. Reliable Lycoming O-320 engines. Long lasting and cheap to maintain.
2. Brand new Hartzell props (200 hrs) with no AD on them
3. Lot of new and capable avionics.
4. Nice looking paint and interior (leather smells nice!)
5. Very comfortable to sit in with nice room and a decent size cargo compartment
6. Auto Fuel STC. I may be able to save a few bucks on gas every now and then. Also, I don't have to worry about the possibility of 100LL
going away stopping the plane from flying.
7. New lightweight starters and alternators
8. Low time engines: 110 hrs and 660 hrs.
9. Good short field and grass field performer.

1. Not IFR now, will have to certify as current pilot is VFR only and didn't keep it IFR certified.
2. Only one NAV radio although it does have a second COM. Will want to improve the current panel although it is pretty good.
3. No heater. The plane has been in Florida for the past few years and the current owner just didn't want to deal with it. Gotta find one. We have some cold winter days in NC.
4. Some light hail damage
5. I want to install a second hydraulic pump for operation of gear and flaps. Not cheap or easy.
6. Slow compared to other twins. But cheaper to maintain. And faster than many singles that can't carry as much or as fast.

New "speed slope" windshield is included but not installed
An extra engine. Yes, a 1300 hour engine is included.
Other assorted parts such as glass, exhaust, ailerons and flaps.


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