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Topic-icon About To Buy A 1961 Aztec

16 Dec 2020 23:29 #2778

Generally good article, though me makes one overbroad statement relevant to an Aztec. When he states that Pipers tend to corrode in the cabin floor, he should have limited this observation to Vero Beach Pipers. The Aztec is a Lock Haven Piper and much better protected from corrosion. There are places to check on the Aztec, but tend to involve the steel tube parts of the fuselage.

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16 Dec 2020 16:50 #2774

Good morning Benjamin;
Please read the following before you move forward:
www.piperflyer.org/maintenance-technical...ll-it-should-be.html .

If you get a good one, I think you'll enjoy it. Honest, roomy, good in and out of shorter fields, and solid engines.

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16 Dec 2020 01:46 #2773

It looks like you have a Aztec not B model. The B model has baggage bin aft of seats and is six place with emergency exit on pilots side in rear.
Looks like that plane has had a lot spent on it. I own what I believe I’d the oldest flying Aztec in the US. I also own a 1969 D model. Your aircraft will perform amazing on 1 engine, It should weigh empty around 2685 with MGW of 48000.
The early model Aztec is a sweet machine to fly very user friendly. Yours with that nose may be a little faster. My 1960 Aztec at 23”. 2300 RPM at 4000 ft indicates about 187 MPH. The book says you can get up to about 206 at 65% power cruise.
If you need some advice and live near Chicago, Illinois Aviation Academy can help you out. It’s at Du Page Airport in West Chicago. They lease and maintain both of my planes. They have been working on mine since the year 2000. My old one has about 12000 hours on it. You can ask for Bob Werderich my son. He owns the place.
George Werderich

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15 Dec 2020 01:23 #2768

Nice looking airplane. You do not have a B model. You have a straight Aztec. That means you are limited to five seats unless there is an STC that allows for six. That nose is a Geronimo nose. Unless this airplane has the STC for dual hydraulic pumps, you only have an engine driven pump on the left engine. There is a hand pump that will both raise and lower the landing gear.

Is this bird down in Alabama? Do you have a plan for the pre-purchase process?
If you have more questions, you can email me at . I have flown all models from the C on up, as well as the Apache, and worked on them some. I am not an expert like Diamondaire, but I have done annuals and pre-buy inspection so have a fair amount of familiarity with Aztecs.

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15 Dec 2020 00:40 #2767

Hi, I'm not the most up to date guy on Aztecs but I'll give you what I can.
The Aztec was introduced in 1960; with the 250 hp engine upgrade from the Apache 235.
You want an Aztec with two alternators and two vacuum pumps; some of the early ones only had a single alternator and vac pump.
There are some articles on the Piper Flyer website about the Apache/Aztec. You can find them here: www.piperflyer.org/piper-models/piper-tw...23-apache-aztec.html .
Diamondaire in Kalispell, MT is a well known Aztec savvy shop.
John Lumley calls himself . He may know something about his particular Aztec. And he may have a comprehensive check list to follow during your pre purchase survey.
Let us know how it goes.

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14 Dec 2020 05:12 #2766

I'm about to acquire A 1961 Aztec, ser # 27-498. As a new Aztec owner, I'm trying to find out a few things about this specific A/c. First, is it a "B"? the engines are carb, not injection. I don't know the pedigree of the PA-23 well enough to know where this aircraft fits into the lineage. it has an aftermarket nose, but I don't think it is a Geronimo mod. Any help on that would be appreciated.

I was hoping to study up on the systems and procedures, since I haven't flown one in about 25-30 years. Any suggestions? Online resources are my friend.

Thanks in advance....

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