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11 months 4 days ago #1855

I contacted Piper and requested information on obtaining the drawings i cited in my last post. I was told that the cost was $250 for the one needed. Since I only needed the part number for the switch, (as shown in the drawing I posted earlier) I didn't buy it. However, based on the parts books for similar Piper singles it looks like Piper used switch part number 688 296 for years in electrical circuits. I found a number of these switches (some new old stock [NOS]) on eBay for around $35. Another switch that is readily available is part number 99377-06. It has "anti collision lights" engraved on the face of the switch. If you type that part number into the www.controller.com website you'll find vendors that list the switch in new and used condition.
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11 months 1 week ago #1847

You're wise, a Pulselite system adds visual visibility to any airplane since the human eye is very attuned to movement, and landing lights blinking on and off are much more noticeable than steady state lights.
You'll find a STC approved Pulselite system for your PA28-236 at www.PreciseFlight.com .
I installed the Precise Flight Pulselite system on my Comanche at least 10 years ago and it's still working fine.
For what it's worth, the Dakota Information Manual I have says that anti collision lighting was optional. If the cap on the vertical stabilizer wasn't the type with provisions for a rotating beacon, you're have to buy a cap that can accommodate the beacon.
Knots2U ( www.knots2U.com ) sells caps that are approved for the installation on your Dakota. The Knots2U part number is GF65345-03 for a cap that will accommodate a large self contained rotating beacon; it is approved to replace your existing cap by FAA-PMA approval.
Knots2U also sells rotating beacon lighting from Whelen. One unit with LED lights, which consume very little power and last for thousands of hours is the Whelen Orion 360.
Since the part number for the vertical stabilizer cap for a rotating beacon is listed in the parts manual, I can assume that a beacon was approved for installation. I have attached a wiring schematic for a later model Dakota that shows the wiring and switching used when a rotating beacon is installed. Piper also published two drawings, 36789 and 79850 detailing the installation of a strobe light in the vertical fin cap. I have asked Piper for copies of those drawings. When I get them I'll post them.

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This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF


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11 months 3 weeks ago #1832

I want to install wingtip pulse lights on my Dakota but cannot find any that are STCd for the PA28-236. Does anyone know of any?

Also want to install a rotating beacon on tail but need a recommendation that is STC.

It is a 1981.


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