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Topic-icon Will seats from 66 Cherokee 6 work in a 73 Cherokee 180

24 Jan 2022 18:04 #3370

Hi Paul;
From what I understand, the seat track width is standard across many single engine Piper airplanes.
Therefore the seats from the 66 Cherokee 6 should work in a 73 Cherokee 180.
But to make sure, I would ask the seller to provide a measurement between the inner and outer gear legs.
In my opinion, replacing the seats with the Cherokee 6 seats is a minor modification which would only require a log book entry.
I have seen many reports of broken brackets, stop bolt flanges and deformation of Piper seat backs. It's likely that a mechanic will be able to spot the problem with your seat back and either repair it or take it to a local welder for the repair.
Let me know what you decide.

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23 Jan 2022 17:34 #3362

Legally, fit, and function?

Alternatively…. Any suggestions for right seat repair/replacement (typical right seat bend back due to entry/exit over long term)


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