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Topic-icon PA-28 Right MLG Issue / Question

17 May 2022 15:53 #3518

Hi Theo,
I need a better explanation of the problem.
Is it that the strut has too much extension when it's on the hangar floor?
If that's it, then I would suggest that it be serviced with hydraulic fluid (Mil-H-5606A or Aeroshell fluid 41, among others).
The correct method is to relieve all air pressure in the strut while the airplane is on jacks. Remove the valve core of the filler, and then slide a flexible plastic tube over the filler. Put the other end of the tube in a can or jar of clean hydraulic fluid.
Then physically move the strut up and down to fully collapsed and fully extended until there are no more bubbles coming out of the tube end in the fluid when the strut is fully collapsed.
While the strut is fully collapsed, remove the tube and re install the valve core.
Make sure the valve core is a high pressure core--it must have a small "H" on the head of the plungers stem.
Take the airplane off the jacks. Service the strut with nitrogen to the proper extension.
If I have missed something or haven't understood the problem, please provide more description.
If this servicing process hasn't been done in the order described, do it and then see if the problem has been solved.

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16 May 2022 10:19 #3514

Dear Piper Flyers!
The right MLG on my EASA/EU-registered Piper PA-28-140 is giving me a hard time for months. My shop worked on it three times already and now suggested replacing the whole MLG assy (P/N 35644-903) which is around 6k USD incl. labor. I'm not convinced that the shop has exploited all options or if this isn't just a servicing issue. I've attached a video (unfortunately, only GIF works in the Forum). It'd be great if you can have a look and let me know what you think. I also reached out to a repair shop over here which said the gear assy can not be repaired (in general).

Thank you!

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