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Topic-icon Gear Warning Lights for 78 PA32RT300

1 year 6 months ago #1050

I am troubleshooting my landing gear warning light circuit on my Lance. The large square red gear warning light which is supposed to light up when the gear is not up and locked or down and locked does not work. Also the landing gear auto extender off flashing light does not work. They both tie to the same circuit with the flasher. My mechanic suggested the first place to start is with the flasher unit. Only problem is where it is located and what does it look like? In the service manual, it is shown as a small tube with wires out each end and one out in the middle (I was looking for a auto type flasher unit in a metal cube or round unit with plug in tabs.) Has anyone been through this system recently in a Lance/Arrow/Saratoga recently and could share information?

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1 year 5 months ago #1052

I have a 1978 PA28R-201T and had a problem with the auto extender flasher. Turned out to be a broken wire from the switch. Required taking off the cover over the flap handle, elevator trim mechanisms. Quite an easy fix.

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7 months 1 week ago #1216


Not sure if you've solved your 2 issues yet, but I'll give you my 2-cents incase you haven't.

First, on my '77 Lance (PA32-R300) the flasher is located under the flap handle cover. They are hard to come by if you have to replace it, and are very expensive for what they are.

As for the square red lamp for the gear, in my '77 Lance, that is the "Gear Unsafe" lamp and functions as you have described it. It would be wise to get that working again, as that is the only indication that all 3 gear are fully up. There is no locking mechanism for the gear in the up position, it's just hydraulic pressure that holds them there. So if you don't have the red lamp to tell you when the all 3 gear up micro-switches have changed state, you have no way of knowing if the gear is up or not.

Having said that, have you tried swapping lamps with one of the gear lights that is working? I'm sure you have, but just making sure before going any further. Looking at the schematic for the gear (again, for the '77 Lance), that lamp is turned on in 3 possible ways: the gear not fully up (one of the gear up micro-switches is not closed), the throttle is pulled way back and the gear is not down/locked, or the gear lever is up when the aircraft is on the ground (ie. squat switch is closed). In the last 2 cases, the gear warning horn should sound as well. Does the lamp work in any of these situations?

If it doesn't work under any of these circumstances, it is likely either the lamp socket, the grounding wire from the lamp to the airframe, or the power wire going to the socket that is the problem.

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