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Topic-icon Piper Flyer Mag, 9/20/13: Dick Russ Door Article

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5 years 2 months ago #74

Proper Entry Procedure: Fitting and Adjusting the Piper PA-28 Entry Door article by Dick Russ.

My PA-34 Seneca door is identical to a PA-28 door and the procedure outlined in the article is A+ really works. At the articles (and Mr. Russ') suggestion, I've replaced the old eyebolts and clevis pins on the front and back doors and installed AN960 washers (one thick washer) under each front eyebolt. I had already replaced the door seals three times to no avail. I've been frustrated over the last ten years of ownership at never being able to get the doors to seal. Having replaced the old eyebolts, clevis pins and installed washers on the front door my airplane is now so quiet that my wife didn't wear a headset on a 3 hour trip to and from KMCD, Mackinac Island, Michigan. I'm really pleased as the constant noise and draft annoyance is now gone.

Thanks Jen and your team for getting this article published. And thanks Mr. Russ for figuring this stuff out for me.

Best regards,
Scott Sherer

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5 years 2 months ago #75

Great to hear, Scott. We're so lucky to have so many knowledgeable folks contributing to the magazine. Glad you found this article helpful!

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2 days 4 hours ago #1585

I am new to Piper Flyer and cannot find a copy of the magazine. How do I find it. I have the same issue and was going to create a post until I saw this thread.

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