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Topic-icon Seneca Hot start advice

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1 year 4 weeks ago #1364

Hello all,

New to this group, as my wife and I just acquired our Seneca II just a few months ago.

Wondering if anybody can give nay suggestions/techniques for starting these engines when hot.

The manual doesn’t seem to offer much helpful guidance.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


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1 year 4 weeks ago #1365

Hi Seth,
Whenever I have to start almost any fuel injected model after the engine is warm or hot, I typically leave the boost pump off, mixture full lean and throttle full forward or cracked an inch. I crank the engine until it begins to start and then reverse the the throttle and mixture (pull the throttle back to idle, enrichen the mixture). I try to be fairly quick with reducing the throttle so the engine doesn't rev way up once it does start. Its a lot easier to accomplish with two people, one person can crank the starter and control the throttle and the person in the right seat can help with the pushing the mixture control forward. This technique works well on a Cherokee Six. On a Navajo I've left the throttle cracked about an inch, boost pump off, mixture lean and slowly advanced the mixture as I've cranked, and it worked pretty well. I haven't flown the Seneca but I bet it would work on it too.
Hope that helps,

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