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03 Aug 2017 21:04 #1128

Whether you have a cause of action against the seller will depend much on what the terms of the sales contract were. The problem you will have is that the seller may have reasonably relied on the AI to do the inspection. Unless the seller had some reason to know that there were AD's which had not been complied with, then a cause of action against the seller probably will fail. Even if you could prove that the seller knew or should have known that the AD's were not complied with, the sales contract may specify that it is an AS-IS sale. The only way around that is then to plead and prove fraud.

You may however have a cause of action against the AI, depending on the circumstances.

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30 Jul 2017 02:21 #1127

General question... I purchased a Piper Arrow one year ago with a fresh annual and a disclosure that "All Airworthiness Directives have been complied with". Now at my first annual in my shop my mechanic begins going though the plane and the AD history and it looks like some of the AD's have not been done and some are noted as "NA" when they are required. So I am running into $$ bringing them all up to date. Question, and I have not consulted a lawyer yet, do I have a case against the seller?

Please don't tell me how dumb i was when i bought it...lol
I am beating myself up enough

Just wondering

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