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4 years 1 month ago #363

Hello All,

Merry Christmas! Back with a question for anyone using a Century 41 A/P coupled to an IFR GPS (mine is a GNS430W). I am new to the plane and noticed that the autopilot couples to VOR or LOC in both NAV and APPR modes, with APPR providing tighter course following. I was wondering if the same is true for GPS coupled operation? There is no GPSS on board, but I am interested in purchasing that capability, any suggestions? Also, any "heads-up" or "Gotchas" on the Century 41 operation would be most appreciated.

Safe Flying for the New Year!


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4 years 1 month ago #364

Hi, I had a Century 41 for many years in a Seneca 3 that I owned about ten years ago. At the time it was connected to a King KLN-94. However, I now have a Century 2000 connected to a Garmin GNS-530W. The Century 2000 is functionally very similar, if not identical to the 41. I use the Century 2000 with the 530W to shoot LPV, LNAV, ILS and VOR approaches frequently. While I do have GPSS roll steering using the Century 1D960 GPSS unit, you must not use GPSS on the approach. Rather, at the final approach fix (outer marker, et al), you switch from NAV or GPSS (if you have one), to Approach mode. The 430 will work perfectly with your 41 in approach mode.

Thanks for asking and enjoy your new airplane!

Scott Sherer

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