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2 years 4 months ago #1009

Thinking about considering an upgrade to a 180, or a PA28R. Not sure yet as everything I have is paid for, but I was just going to test the water.
Okay, I'll start at the front and give you as much as I can remember:
AMR&D Stc'd prop.
Challenger Air Filter.
PowerFlow short stack exhaust with ceramic tip. (Less than 100 hours old)
AirMotion overhauled carb with latest power curve. (2-3 years)
Steve's Gascolater
Overhauled magnetos. less that 70 hours
New ignition harness. installed Saturday.
AMR&D vortex generators
MetCoAir wingtips.
Wing root fairings
Aileron Gap seals top and bottom.
Flap seals bottom.
LED landing light and LED two color beacon
Nose wheel speed fairing.
Newer 8-ply tires.
All Struts rebuilt. MLG 2 years, NLG last year.
All AD's current and complied with.
ADS-B 2020 Compliant with Stratus ESG installed
Leather seats from a 235 with front headrests.
Okay. Now the total airframe time is about 3160. The engine has about 1100. The cylinder were all replaced with an entire Millennium package including cylinders, pistons, rings and i bought the Lycoming gold pins instead of the Superior ones. Annual 08/2016. All Cylinders 76 and up. Oil useage: 1/2 quart ever 25 hours.
Standard instruments, with a Icom flip flop com and a Narco MK12 with VOR/Glideslope. Currently a King Mode C transponder.
And a cool custom paint scheme.
Concord Battery 2 years old.
I have a door window to be installed as well as a new door seal. I also have a box of new interior trim plastic pieces that need to be fitted and installed, along with a wool headliner.
And maybe other things done to it or parts too. I work fulltime on PA46's so I don't get to spend a ton of time with mine, but she gets as much as I can and flown weekly.

Interior is a 7 or so, paint is a 7/8. Was originally an Air Conditioned 140, but most of it has been stripped to gain useful load.


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