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Topic-icon Cherokee 6/300 engine issue

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Hello "everyone"
I am in a bit of a situation and wanted to get some advice. I bought a 1974 Piper Cherokee 6/300 in Oklahoma from a farmer. He was the second owner and the last overhaul on the engine was 20 years ago. He said he flew it once a month to keep the engine going, but not at all the last 2-3 years. The engine (IO-540-K1A5) has 412 hours on it and the Airframe only has 2,200 on it. I had it flown by a ferry pilot to Tulsa for a pre-buy inspection and annual. Long story short, the pre-buy didn't turn up anything and the annual took 3 months (at a FAA repair station) I also had the avionics all updated to a 750, but then had it flown out here to San Diego were I live. Now number 6 cylinder is flat, number 5 cylinder doesn't show one the EGT monitor and 4 out of the remaining cylinders are only producing 64% power on the Cam test which I was told is considered a failure for Lycoming engines. My mechanic out here is saying that I need to overhaul all 6 cylinders "or" get a complete engine overhaul since the engine is 30 years old and sat.

Any thoughts on what questions I can ask or which path forward as far as engine overhaul versus just the cylinders?

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6 days 11 hours ago #1399

OK,please define some terms for me.
When you say the cylinder is flat, what does that mean?
# 5 doesn't show on EGT; that could be a probe or loose wire
I am not familiar with the term Cam test. Can you explain further?
What do you think? Does anything about the engine cause you worry?
Is it using a lot of oil?
Is it hard to start?
Do you have an oil filter? If so, has the shop removed it and cut it open? If they did, was there metal in the filter media?
Is it using more fuel than the book says it should at each power setting?
I'm trying to get enough data to determine if the engine is in trouble.
It's entirely possible that it is; inactivity does tend to cause problems in lifters and camshafts in Lycoming engines.
Please get back to me with a few answers and I'll do my best to help you further.

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