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7 months 3 weeks ago #2009

Please post the year and serial number of your airplane so I can narrow down what you'll get from Continental.
It varies a little due to model and year but in general your Continental engine will include new magnetos, ignition harnesses, spark plugs, a new alternator, pressurization for the magnetos, an oil cooler, an oil filter adapter, an exhaust system, a new turbocharger and a cold start primer system.

I recommend that you remove both engine mounts and send them to a shop that specializes in inspection and repair of mounts instead of having them inspected locally. Acorn Welding ( www.acornwelding.com ), Loree Air ( www.loreeair.com ), and Aerospace Welding ( www.awi-ami.com ) are well known mount inspection and repair facilities. But since shipping adds a lot to the cost of engine mounts service, I recommend you ask your mechanic if he knows of a local mount repair facility.

You will want to replace all the flexible engine hoses. You can buy airplane specific hose kits from companies such as Aero Hose ( www.aerohoseshop.com ) and others.

It's hard to say from here but all components that come off the engine should be thoroughly cleaned, inspected and repaired as necessary.

I also recommend that you do not remove anything from your engine until the new engine arrives; that way the transfer of sensors, probes, and the routing of hoses and wires will be more apparent than if everything was removed and tossed on a work bench.

I also recommend that you get busy with you digital camera prior to removal of the engine and take pictures of the engine installation from every angle. This simple "roadmap" of the engine installation often saves hours when re-assembling the accessories, etc. and installing the new engine.

Follow Continental's recommendations for engine break in and service after installation.

Please get back to me with the airplane year and serial number and if possible the model and serial numbers of the engine(s) you're planning to replace.


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7 months 3 weeks ago #2008

I have a Seneca III and i am about to order a Factory Reman, now called factory O/H. This engine is about 23 years old with 2300 hours on it. Now I am about to order a factory overhaul and I was wondering everyone's recommendation on items that should be replaced besides baffles and motor mounts. i will also have the engine frame inspected. On the factory O/H includes new magnetos. What else do you think I should consider?

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