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Topic-icon Cherokee 140 oil temperature problems

6 months 3 weeks ago #2040

Thanks for filling in the backstory on why the oil in your engine was getting hot.
What kind of help do you need??

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6 months 4 weeks ago #2032

Hey All,
So I'm at wits end with oil temperature problems.
I had temp issues with the last engine in the plane, story to follow. So now I have a different engine, different Vernatherm, new oil cooler, still have temp problems.

It was 75 degrees for a high today in Phoenix. Started and ran the engine for 15 mins or so to warm it up, then full throttle on the ground. Temp continued to climb to the
top of the range, `260 degrees. At this point the only piece of hardware that is used between old engine and new is the oil lines and filter housing. I inspected the vernatherm
seat in the housing and it looked good.
I tested the temp system by pulling out the sending unit and boiling it in oil with 2 different thermometers in the same oil bath, and it read reasonably close for a 50 yr old setup.
I also tested the oil temp against an automotive gauge by installing an adapter in place of the sending unit and running it up, it also got hot.

For a 140, does the oil cooler location look correct? It seems to me that with the prop rotating CCW from front perspective, and the oil cooler mounted below the lip
of the front of the cowling that there would be virtually no forced air through the cooler. Am I missing something?

Short story long, last december did a 3.5hr flight and consumed `1.5 qts of oil. Pulled lower plugs and found #3 plug full of oil.
Pulled #3 cylinder to replace, but upon futher inspection found the camshaft to have 3 flat lobes.
Tore down engine, sent crank for the SB505 inspection, it failed. So essentially I had a case to work with (which I didn't have sent out for inspection)
Bought an engine from a 150/150 that flipped in a microburst. Prop was off, crank wasn't hit. Mic'd good. I pulled the jugs, cleaned them up, etc..
Verified the oil pump was up to current AD requirements, changed crank pulley bolt, verified the gear was scalloped and in spec, etc...

Any help the gurus of these planes out there can give will be much appreciated!


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